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Coaching Enhancement Program


World-Class coaching is at the heart of our
aspirations as a sporting nation.

The Coaching Enhancement Program (CEP) is a ground breaking initiative built and delivered by Canada’s high performance partners that makes a long-term commitment to the development of coaches from Olympic and Paralympic targeted sports and sport disciplines. Through a historic assessment initiative and a commitment to targeted development opportunities, the CEP will arm Canada's coaches with the skills necessary to fulfill Canada’s potential at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), Sport Canada (SC) and Own the Podium (OTP) have worked in partnership in developing this multi-year program to support Canada’s coaches in the pursuit of Olympic and Paralympic excellence.

The seven components of the Coaching Enhancement Program are:

The CEP provides support to NSOs in their commitment to assess and develop their leading senior coaches as well as those who show the potential to rise to the top. Olympic and Paralympic NSOs nominate coaches to be effectively assessed and to receive cutting edge development support. Strategically, the CEP will target those sports and their coaches that have the very best chance to deliver podium success.

World Class Coaching Excellence

The CEP defines World Class Coaching Excellence using the framework which identifies the competencies for world class coaches, a model Olympic and Paralympic coaches strive for.

In pursuit of its objective, the CEP’s goals are:

  1. To develop the expertise of high performance coaches with the competencies of a World Class Coach

  2. To build an engaged community of high performance coaches to drive World Class Coaching Excellence

Core Principles

  • In order to create a development plan for high performance coaches, effective assessments must take place. Without this important first step developmental efforts may be misplaced, resulting in ineffective use of resources and valuable time wasted for both the coach and those working with them.
  • It is the intention of this initiative that every coach completes a thorough assessment before accessing development programs.
Flexible, Customized Programing
  • The CEP provides several options for coaches who are motivated to develop. Given performance priorities, travel obligations and the complexities of coaching in Canada’s high performance system, establishing a flexible menu of development options is critical to the success of the CEP.
  • Through flexible programming, the CEP will ensure that coaches receive support to fill gaps in the skills identified in the assessments required to lead internationally competitive programs.
Motivation, Trust and Expertise

These three elements must be in place in order for coaching development to occur.

  • The participating coach must be motivated to learn more about how they impact those around them and can further develop their world-class coaching competencies. For many coaches, development is a daunting task given workload and performance pressures, but the intrinsic motivation to learn is essential.
  • Separate to the CEP, all NSOs are required to appraise the performance of their coaches. The CEP is not part of the performance appraisal process, instead focusing entirely on the development of the coach. Separating these will provide clarity for coaches and result in improved commitment to CEP initiatives.
  • Lastly, the quality of the development experience must be very high, in part to match the standards that the system places on coaches to produce world-class results. The CEP intends to deliver “Gold medal standard” performances at every program initiative.

The CEP must be uncompromising in its commitment to these factors in the pursuit of creating a world-class coaching development program.

Eligible Coaches

Coaches from Olympic and Paralympic targeted sports and sport disciplines are eligible. Coaches must be working with targeted athletes who are 0-8 years away from podium success. The first priority is to senior coaches from OTP targeted core sports. Next Generation and Pathway coaches are considered as well.

Program Costs

The cost of all programing, travel, meals and accommodation is borne by the CEP, from the beginning of each initiative until the end. Additional transportation or accommodation costs (e.g. home-based travel to and from the CEP initiative) may be the responsibility of the individual coach or their National Sport Organization (NSO).

Selection Process

High Performance Advisors (HPAs) and High Performance Directors (HPDs) nominate coaches for the various CEP initiatives on an ongoing basis. The CEP starts with the Coach Assessment Program.

For Canada Coach, nomination takes places nine months before the program begins. Interested coaches must complete, have begun or are willing to put themselves forward for the CEP 360-degree assessment in order to be considered for the Canada Coach program.

How Can You Make the Most of the CEP?

  • High Performance Coaches: Connect with your National Sport Organization (NSO) High Performance Director (HPD) to discuss CEP opportunities for you and request to be nominated.
  • National Sport Organizations: Connect with your Own the Podium (OTP) High Performance Advisor (HPA) to discuss CEP opportunities for your coaches, access nomination forms and to incorporate CEP initiatives into annual coaching plans.

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